Great dental products for the entire family

Dr. Jared Bowyer’s 8 Must-Have Dental Products

As a dentist I’m often asked, “Which dental products do you recommend?” I decided to put a short list together for you of my personal favorites. Whether I’m home here in Vancouver, WA or traveling around this is my list of must-have dental products to always have handy. Electric Toothbrushes There are several options on […]

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BOTOX before and after 7 days

Announcing New Cosmetic Services: BOTOX, Kybella, and Dermal Fillers

New and exciting cosmetic services are coming to Dr. Bowyer’s office. We’re partnering with Lana Nadirov, a trained nurse with expertise in cosmetic injections, to bring BOTOX, Kybella, and Juvederm procedures to our patients. While you’re improving your appearance through cosmetic dentistry, why stop at just improving your smile? With these new cosmetic services, you […]

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Example of a mouth restoration procedure for a better smile

Smile in One Day?

Smile in One Day Dentist in Vancouver WA Can you have a brand new smile in one day? The answer to do that really depends on the patient. Everyone is different and have different situations. However, the majority absolutely can have it done all in one day, especially if the office has an in-house lab. […]

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Salad - a healthy food that is good for teeth

Healthy Teeth through Food

Healthy Teeth through Food Which foods would promote healthy teeth? Salads are especially good for your health if you’re eating lots of vegetables. There are a few ingredients that you can add to your salads that would promote healthy teeth. Here are a few examples of foods that would be very beneficial to you: Leafy […]

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Prevent the spread of germs that can cause dental problems

Spread Germs Through Saliva

Spread Germs Through Saliva You can spread germs by sharing saliva with others. There are some diseases that can be transmitted through saliva. Saliva has enzymes that prevent the risk of contagions bu it is best to avoid sharing saliva with others. Here are a few examples of some of the viruses that can be […]

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Clean toothbrushes

Clean Toothbrush

Clean Toothbrush Dentist in Vancouver WA Many patients believe that they should sterilize their toothbrush. Many of them put it in a microwave, boil it or soak it in mouthwash or effervescent denture cleaner, throw it in the dishwasher, freeze it, and so on. However, none of this is necessary and it is much more […]

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