Dr. Jared Bowyer, DDS

300 SE 120th Ave #700
Vancouver, WA 98683
(360) 253-2640

Office Hours

Monday-Wednesday 7:30 – 5:00PM
Thursday 7:00 – 3:00PM
Friday-Sunday (emergency and
per case basis)

Vancouver, WA Dentist

If you need a compassionate dentist in Vancouver, WA, Dr. Jared Bowyer is now accepting new patients.

Dr. Bowyer offers cosmetic dentistry services to patients living in or near Vancouver. You and your family can expect world-class services.

FREE Consultation with Dr. Bowyer

At a one-on-one complimentary consultation, Dr. Bowyer tailors each patient’s treatment plan to fit their specific wants, needs and budget. Dr. Bowyer will explain the options available, the steps involved, and the various financing options that are available.

Schedule your personal exam with Dr. Bowyer now and get a new smile that will last a lifetime. (360) 253-2640.

Dr. Jared Bowyer DDS

Dr. Jared Bowyer D.D.S.

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