Preventative Care

Having a healthy and beautiful smile isn’t just a matter of dental work – it also requires regular preventative dental care to maintain. Prevention is always better than treatment. It’s much better to keep dental problems from happening than to fix them after they occur. A little bit of prevention saves both time and money.

A proper preventative care regimen consists of both care you do at home, and care performed at regular intervals by your dentist. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Bowyer who can advise you on the best in-home routine as well as provide a personalized professional cleaning recommendation for you.

Professional Dental Care

Regular dental checkups and cleanings by a dental professional are a key part of maintaining your oral health. How frequently you go to the dentist depends on your current dental health. Most people should see their dentist every six months. Patients with more regular dental problems should have a checkup or cleaning done every 3-4 months.

Dental Exams

Dental Exams Vancouver WA

Dental examinations are an important preventative measure that can identify oral health problems before they become worse. They can also save money – problems are easier to resolve while they are small. If you wait too long, a dental issue could become expensive, or even impossible to resolve. During a regular dental exam, Dr. Bowyer will:

  • Visually check for signs of tooth decay
  • Evaluate your risk for gum disease
  • Take x-rays of your mouth to check for cysts, tumors, invisible tooth decay, and dental issues within your jaw
  • Screen for oral cancer

Regular dental exams are often fully covered by insurance, so getting a regular checkup may be less expensive than you think. Check with your insurance company about preventative care coverage.

i-CAT Dental Exams

Dr. Bowyer is one of only a few general dentists in the Vancouver, WA area that offers advanced dental imaging using the i-CAT system. With this advanced dental diagnosis technology, Dr. Bowyer can identify dental issues before you even open your mouth. The i-CAT provides quick and insightful dental imaging for the most accurate dental diagnosis, such as:

  • Panoramic radiographs.
  • Full 3D images of teeth and the jaw.
  • Airway and sinus assessment.
  • Crowns, roots, developing teeth, impactions, dental implants, and alveolar bone.
  • Wisdom teeth extractions.

For patients, the i-CAT 3D Dental Imaging System translates into several significant advantages:

  • Higher standard of care.
  • More accurate treatment planning.
  • Avoiding the cost and discomfort of exploratory surgery.
  • Less radiation than traditional hospital CT scanners.
  • Avoid costs of impression molds.
  • A more complete diagnosis for better dental health.

Dr. Bowyer’s office in pleased to offer this new level of technology for the best in dental care for Vancouver patients.

Dental Cleanings

Preventative Care Vancouver WA

Regular dental cleanings by a trained professional can help you take your dental health to the next level. No matter how good your brushing and flossing technique is, you’ll probably miss a few spots. Your dentist will also have access to better tools and equipment that can get your teeth as clean as they can be. During a regular cleaning, a dental hygienist will:

  • Remove plaque from your teeth
  • Remove tartar from your gum line
  • Polish and remove stains from your teeth

Dental Fillings

A common issue uncovered during routine dental care is the need for a dental filling, which is used for to treat small cavities caused by decay. Dr. Bowyer uses composite, tooth-colored fillings so that your dental work blends in with your natural tooth color. The filling material comes in a variety of colors and will be professionally matched to your teeth.

During the procedure, Dr. Bowyer will remove any decayed tooth material, clean the tooth, and fill in the cavity with the composite filling material. Fillings prevent further tooth decay by sealing off open cavities where bacteria can enter. It’s best to address cavities as soon as possible with fillings so that they don’t get worse. Most dental filling procedures can be completed in one office visit.

For larger cavities or fractured teeth, Dr. Bowyer may recommend a dental crown or cap instead of a filling.

Start Your Preventative Dental Care

Preventative care is the best way to ensure that you will not need more expensive, intensive dental care down the road. Call Dr. Bowyer at (360) 253-2640 or use the form to schedule your appointment for a dental exam and cleaning.

In-Home Preventative Dental Care

Dental Care Vancouver WA

While nothing will replace visiting Dr. Bowyer for a dental exam and cleaning, having a great routine for in-home dental care will be the best way to prevent surprises during these visits. Dr. Bowyer has advice on his blog for best preventative care routines from home:

Family Dentistry

Dr. Bowyer can provide dental care for your whole family. From braces for the kids to dentures for grandma, we have you covered. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. Bowyer, where he can understand your family’s needs. Each member of your family will get a custom treatment plan to best fit the care of their mouth and your family’s budget.

What is Family Dentistry

Family dentistry is a general term to describe the set of procedures applicable to pediatric, adult, and geriatric dentistry. When you have parents and kids in the household, it’s nice to have a family dentist to make coordinating dental appointments easier. Your family dentist can really get to know you and your family’s needs, and structure treatment plans and appointment schedules accordingly. Additionally, if you have multiple family members on the same insurance plan, having a single dentist can help you reach deductibles faster and make insurance and billing easier.

Why Dr. Bowyer?

Dr. Bowyer DDS Vancouver WA

Dr. Bowyer has been serving families in the Vancouver, Washington area for over 15 years. He has performed thousands of dental procedures for patients of all ages, and can work with you and your family on a treatment plan that fits in your busy schedule.

In addition to his extensive experience, Dr. Bowyer is highly regarded by his family dentistry patients. Just read through our many reviews to see all the positive experiences shared by the families in our care.

I’m Interested! What are Next Steps?

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