IntraOral Digital Dentistry

IntraOral Digital Dentistry – Overview

The 3Shape TRIOS 4 IntraOral Scanner is an advanced digital dentistry tool that allows impressions and scans to be taken in a more accurate and more comfortable manner. The TRIOS scanner allows Dr. Bowyer and his team to take impressions of your mouth without the messy and uncomfortable process of taking a physical impression. Not only does this make the process of impressions more comfortable for patients, but the scanner produces an impression that is more reliable than the traditional process of using putty to create the mold.

The TRIOS scanner also has applications for preventative dentistry. The TRIOS is able to store and compare images of a patient’s teeth over time so that Dr. Bowyer can identify potential issues sooner. The scanner is also able to produce images to clearly show potential red flags that need to be addressed, so patients can be better in charge of their own dental health and understand the work that is being recommended to them. With the addition of this scanner to Dr. Bowyer’s office, both patient and dentist will be better informed, and will be able to preventatively address dental issues.

How Can I Tell If I Need IntraOral Digital Dentistry?

The IntraOral TRIOS scanner is a very useful tool, with many applications to diagnose dental issues and create treatment plans. This technology is used most often in the following procedures:

If your treatment plan involves one of these procedures, you might get a chance to try out the TRIOS 4 IntraOral scanner!

What Should I Expect When Getting IntraOral Digital Dentistry?

The IntraOral Digital Dentistry process is a pen-shaped scanning tool, similar in size to other examination tools your dentist uses. The scanning process is completely non-invasive – the TRIOS scanner just moves through your mouth and touches the surface of your teeth to get a full scan of your mouth. This scan is used by your dentist to examine for dental issues or create a digital impression of your mouth.

Once the impression is completed, follow up appointments can be quickly scheduled as the mold does not need to be sent away for custom work to be completed. Instead, the impressions and data from the scanner is immediately available for digital delivery. This means that restorative dental procedures take less overall time, and patients won’t have to wait as long for the healthier smile that they are seeking.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

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