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Dental Bridges

If you need dental bridges in Vancouver, WA, Dr. Bowyer is pleased to offer this procedure to you. Dental bridges are a good option for patients who are missing one or more teeth. Some patients have damaged teeth or lack the bone quality required for dental implants. In these cases, a dental bridge is the best option compared to more extensive tooth replacement procedures.

Fixed dental bridges are attached to natural teeth, or to implants affixed to the jawbone. These bridges fill in the gap created by missing teeth, and can be made from different materials. Dr. Bowyer can help you determine what bridge method is right for you, and can blend in the color of the bridge material to match your natural teeth.

If you think you need a bridge, don’t wait. When there is a missing tooth, existing teeth may shift around to fill the space. The longer this persists, the more you risk permanent damage to your jawline. Missing teeth also lead to bone deterioration which can add years of age to your facial appearance.

Bridges usually require more than one dental visit. First, surrounding teeth must be prepared to fit the bridge. Then, Dr. Bowyer will take an impression of your mouth to provide a mold for the bridge. Then, a dental lab creates the permanent bridge, and a temporary bridge may be created to fill the gap in the teeth while the permanent one is prepared.

Most bridges can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Make sure to follow a regular oral hygiene regiment to maintain the teeth that anchor the bridge, as well as the bone supporting it. Dr. Bowyer can also recommend a regular schedule of checkups to keep your dental bridge clean and well-fit in the years to come.

If you need help deciding whether dental bridges are right for you, Dr. Bowyer offers free consultations to go over your options. Call our office at (360) 253-2640 or use the form to schedule your appointment.

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