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Dental Bonding

Dr. Bowyer offers dental bonding services to patients in the Vancouver, WA area. If your front teeth show small white/yellow spots or have minor chipping due to clenching/grinding or even an accident (sports, falling etc.) we can use filling material (ie bonding) to replace the missing or damaged tooth structure. Dental bonding is an ideal solution for minor dental imperfections.

A dental bonding procedure can be completed in only one office visit. However, patients should take care to avoid coffee, tea, wine, and smoking in the days immediately following the procedure – these can cause the bonding material to stain. Patients should also avoid strenuous chewing and biting on hard objects like ice or fingernails for a few days to avoid chips in the bonding material. With the proper care, dental bonding can last for about two to five years.

Dr. Bowyer’s bonding procedures are easy, quick, and tend to be less expensive than more extensive cosmetic dental procedures. If you’re interested in a dental bonding procedure, contact Dr. Bowyer today at (360) 253-2640 or use the form to set up a free consultation!


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