Halloween pumpkins

A Dentist’s Guide To Halloween

It’s the spookiest time of year, which means that it’s time for little ghouls and ghoulettes to dress up in costumes and collect their candy. Halloween sweets can lead to some pretty scary problems for young teeth, though. Here are a few tricks to help keep your kids’ dental health on track as they enjoy their treats.

Enjoy Sweets In Moderation

No one wants to deny their kids their hard-earned candy. But, it’s a good idea to limit candy consumption to mitigate the damage to young teeth. Agree on a set amount of candy consumption per day, and stick to it. Your kids can have their candy, and rationing it out over the post-Halloween weeks makes sure their stash lasts longer.

Cut Back On Other Sweet Snacks

If your kids regularly enjoy sweet snacks or drinks, make sure that Halloween candy replaces these regular snacks instead of adding more sweets to the menu. Pay attention to your child’s regular sugar intake, and make sure that an influx of Halloween treats into their diet doesn’t increase overall sugar consumption. Hold off on sweet snacks and beverages for a while until the candy supply runs out.

Drink More Water

According to the American Dental Association, drinking fluoridated water can help make teeth more cavity-resistant. Drinking water regularly can also help flush out any sugary residue left over after a candy-eating binge. Make sure your kids get plenty of water as they enjoy their treats.

Brush, Floss and Mouthwash

These three actions should already be a part of your kids’ dental health regimen, but they’re especially important if they’re going to be eating a lot of candy. Have them brush and floss their teeth twice a day. For kids over six, a specially-formulated children’s mouthwash can help rinse out candy particles missed by brushing and flossing. Let your kids eat their candy around mealtimes, and have them do a post-meal tooth brushing to clean their teeth from both the meal and the candy.

Schedule A Checkup

A post-Halloween dental checkup is a great idea. Your dentist can help with a cleaning to polish up candy-coated teeth, and check for any cavities left behind by a Halloween candy binge. Check with your dentist mid-October to make sure you can get an appointment scheduled in November.

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