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Foods you can eat with dental implants

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What could I eat with dental implants?

Dental implants act as your own natural teeth. They are very strong and you have a more comfortable bite than if you use removable dentures. Statistically, removable dentures give you about 20% chewing capacity compared to natural teeth, whereas the Implant supported teeth give you about 90% chewing capacity. The problem of eating with dentures is that it relies on the underlying gums for support, causing force directly to the soft tissue, which may lead to inflammation, tenderness and development of painful sores. Then the patient would have to constantly invest in products such as anesthetic gels. All of this can affect the patient’s appetite, and may lead to malnutrition. With dental implants, patients are able to eat any food they like without pain or discomfort and with no self-consciousness.

The rule of thumb is to be able to eat anything that you can cut with a fork. What is not recommended is to eat anything that is hard and chewy similar to popcorn kernels, ice, nuts, gummy bears, taffy, candies, seeds, and so on. Remember that dental implants restore 90% of your natural chewing capacity, not 100% of your chewing capacity. Many dental implants patients, after the healing process is over, have been able to eat steak and even been able to take a bite of an apple. However, it is better to cut these into smaller pieces, so you don’t pull with your teeth.

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  1. Is this done in one day or does it take time? When can you start eating after the surgery?

    • Hi Gregory, thank you so much for your comment. It depends on each person and it depends on which procedure you’re having done. When doing single implants, what is recommended is to do the surgery, place a bridge overtop of the implant, and let it heal, which can take about 6 months, then we can place the dental crown (tooth). For All-on-6, we are able to do this in one day, you can go home with new teeth on that same day and you can eat soft foods or anything you can cut with a fork. If you’re still numb, we recommend something as soft as ice cream so you don’t bite your tongue or cheeks. Let me know if you have any other questions. I hope this helps!

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