Holiday Gifts For Dental Health

It’s the holiday season, which means that everybody is scrambling for gift ideas for friends and family. You could always go with the stereotypical choices of sweets and sweaters. Instead, you should consider a gift that will have a lasting impact on your loved one’s dental health. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Electric Toothbrush

We recommend electric toothbrushes to our patients because of their superior cleaning ability and their ease of use compared to manual toothbrushes. But, many people avoid buying an electric toothbrush because they are more costly compared to a regular toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes aren’t too expensive to be a gift, though. Oral B and Philips Sonicare are both good brands, and you can buy one of these electric toothbrushes for about $30-$100.

Water Flossers 

Few people enjoy flossing their teeth, but a water flosser (also called a water pik) makes this essential dental hygiene task more pleasant. Most people wouldn’t think to buy one on their own, but would enjoy receiving one as a gift. Most models of water flosser can be obtained for about $50-$60.

Teeth Whitening Kits 

Everyone wants whiter teeth, but teeth whitening kits and procedures can be costly. If your loved one prefers using a take-home teeth whitening kit instead of getting a professional teeth whitening procedure, you have plenty of options for gifts. Whitening strips and teeth whitening tray kits are about $30-$40 and available from most major online and offline retailers. The gift of a bright smile is something that will last well beyond the holidays.

Stocking Stuffers 

Don’t forget the stocking stuffers! There are lots of good options for smaller gifts to enhance dental health – especially for little ones who may be celebrating the holidays with sugary treats. Mix in some of these items with the usual stocking stuffers:

  • Toothbrushes
  • Dental floss
  • Sugarfree gum


These gift ideas are not only a physical object to give to your loved ones. It’s a commitment to their well-being, and it shows that you care enough about them to look out for their health. A healthy mouth and a bright smile are invaluable, and these reasonably-priced gifts can help your gift recipient achieve those dental health goals.