How Technology is Changing Dentistry

The rapid pace of growth when it comes to technology has dramatically changed our daily lives in obvious ways. But you may not be aware of how technology has improved the ability for dentists to care for patient’s dental health. Dr. Bowyer regularly follows advances in technology and dentistry, integrating some of the most promising finds into his office. Below are some of the ways that technology has improved our ability to give the best care to our patients.

  • Imaging Devices

Gone are the days where dental x-rays were uncomfortable and unreliable. Dr. Bowyer is one of the few dentists in the Vancouver, WA area who have added DIAGNOdent Imaging into his practice. This infared device allows Dr. Bowyer to find tooth decay below the enamel of the tooth, before it can be seen by the naked eye or other examination methods. Using this technology, Dr. Bowyer is able to identify and treat issues, so that they don’t become a problem for your dental health.

  • Invisible options for braces

Metal braces used to be the only option for those of us wanting straighter teeth. But, while metal braces are common for kids and teenagers, adults can find the need for metal braces to be embarrassing. Luckily for us, technology and dentistry have caught up to these needs. There are now a number of different options available on the market for adults wanting straighter teeth but with a more subtle appearance.

While there are numerous options when choosing braces, we recommend Invisalign for many of our patients. This form of braces is removable (though should be worn about 20 hours a day), transparent, and hardly noticeable. This is a popular option for adult patients who would like to straighten their teeth.

  • Teeth Whitening

Many of our patients are looking for new and easier ways to get bright, white teeth. Traditionally, patients have had to decide between buying weaker, less effective over-the-counter whitening options or spending time in a dental chair to get their teeth professionally whitened. But there is now a new option!

When deciding between teeth whitening options, you are now able to get the convenience of at home products, with the strength and precision of professional procedures. Dentists are now able to make trays, specifically fitted for a patients mouth, that can be take home for whitening by the patient.