Investing in Patient Experience with Digital Dentistry

Investing in Patient Experience with Digital Dentistry

We know that there are many dentists to choose from in the Vancouver, WA area, and we have been proud that so many of our patients regularly choose our team to care for their dental health. One of the reasons our patients have chosen to trust Dr. Bowyer and the rest of our office has been our continued commitment to providing our patients the best dental care possible. We have always embraced new technology and services that will help our client’s achieve their dental goals. Recently we made the addition of the 3Shape TRIOS 4 IntraOral Scanner to our offices, a digital dentistry tool that will provide our patients with a more comfortable and more accurate impression process.

What is Digital Dentistry?

Digital dentistry is the incorporation of tools and devices that incorporate digital and/or computer-controlled elements, instead of older devices that are simply mechanical or electrical. While that may sound futuristic or like something from a sci-fi novel, the practice of incorporating digital devices into the dental practice can provide numerous benefits for both the patient and the dentist. Rather than the dentist or hygienist being replaced by a robot, the digital device is simply a tool that can lead to more accurate, proactive and better dental care.

What is the 3Shape TRIOS 4 IntraOral Scanner

For our patients, a digital device, like the 3Shape TRIOS 4 Scanner, make the process of getting impressions more comfortable. No longer will patients be required to use the traditional, manual method of taking an impression. We’ve found some patients find this process, which involves putting a tray of alginate in the mouth and allowing it to harden into the shape of the teeth, to be very uncomfortable. This is sometimes due to patient’s gag reflex, and other times is simply due to the taste of the alginate. This process is completely safe and harmless, but at times the impression is not as accurate as is needed due to shifting while the impression is taken. The new digital dentistry scanner helps to resolve all of these problems. This tool is more comfortable as it does not require anything to be placed within the patients mouth and is more accurate due to the speed in which impressions are taken. An added benefit is that scans can be uploaded immediately to device manufacturers, speeding up delivery of night guards, Invisalign braces and other devices, so patients don’t have to wait as long between appointments.


When Should Dr. Bowyer’s Patients Expect to See the New Scanner Used?

The new IntraOral scanner is now being used by Dr. Bowyer in his office. You can expect to see this scanner anytime you come in for an impression of your teeth. You can expect to see the new scanner during the following procedures:


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