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Surprising Signs You Should Go to the Dentist

Have you been putting off your dental visits? Whether you have been waiting for the pandemic to subside to get your regular cleaning, you are nervous about going to the dentist after a long time away or you have just been too busy to make it into Dr. Bowyer’s office – there are some surprising signs that you should make your appointment sooner rather than later. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, give Dr. Bowyer’s office a call at (306) 253-2640.


  1. You get Migraines

Often when people get migraines, they think that this is a medical condition. And it is possible that it could be. But, did you know that dental issues can also be the root cause of migraines? Jaw pain in the two temporomandibular joints (TMJs), which connect the sides of your jaw to your skull, can migrate to your head and cause migraines. While there are many root causes of TMJ pain, one common one is grinding your teeth at night. Issues with your bite may also cause you jaw muscles to work harder and become sore. Whatever the root issue is, making an appointment with Dr. Bowyer to discuss your migraines may help.



  1. Bad breath

We all experience bad breath sometimes. When we wake up in the morning. After eating a meal rich in garlic and onions. Or maybe when too much time has lapsed between brushing your teeth. But if you are noticing that your breath is getting a bit smellier a bit more frequently, this could be the sign of a larger issue. Going too long between teeth cleanings can lead to halitosis. Mouth infections, cavities or not cleaning your dentures as regularly as needed can all lead to smelly, bad breath. Instead of buying more gum and breath mints, come visit our office if you think your breath may be smellier than usual.


  1. Thicker saliva

Does your saliva feel sticky or thicker than usual? While this could be caused by allergies, dehydration or cancer treatment, this could also be caused by dry mouth. Dry mouth is actually a dental problem because without adequate saliva of a healthy consistency, you will be at higher risk of tooth decay and gum disease – both dental problems. If you have sticky saliva, it would be good to give Dr. Bowyer a call so he can help identify the root cause and provide a treatment plan that will take into account your overall dental health.


  1. Ear Pain

Just like migraines, having ear pain may seem like an issue for your general practitioner, not your dentist. But ear pain can also be caused by TMJ/jaw pain. If you clench or grind your teeth at night, you may be causing extra pressure in your jaw that is leading to ear aches.