What Foods Stain Teeth?

What Foods Stain Teeth?

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How do foods stain teeth?

Coffee may stain your teeth. The tooth enamel is made up of little tubules. As time passes, food, bacteria and other things get into those tubules. Yes, you are able to brush these out, but over time, certain foods like coffee, tea, red wine in particular, which all have a very rich color, can get into those tubules and stain your teeth and ends up darkening them.

What are the options to get your teeth whitened?

There are different ways to address that, teeth whitening or bleaching. What happens is that something will get into those little tubules to help clean it out. The best way to do this is with a product that’s carbamide or peroxide in nature.

What is the difference between Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide?

Dentists use hydrogen peroxide for the in-office treatment. Hydrogen peroxide is what actually whitens the teeth. The carbamide peroxide is used to be given out for the at-home treatments, where the patient will take the trays with carbamide gel. The difference between these two is that carbamide peroxide is actually created from hydrogen peroxide. In order for the whitening process to begin, the carbamide needs to break down to become hydrogen peroxide. It takes the carbamide at least 15 minutes to begin breaking down. To compare the hydrogen vs the carbamide, three units of carbamide peroxide would make up one unit of hydrogen peroxide.

Therefore, hydrogen peroxide would give the patient faster results. Carbamide peroxide would take longer for the whitening to begin. Some patients prefer the at-home treatment so they can control how much they want to whiten their teeth, others prefer to have it done immediately and do the in-office treatment.

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