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Wisdom Teeth Vancouver, WA

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Questions and answers on Wisdom Teeth Vancouver, WA

Q: What are wisdom teeth?

A: They are either called wisdom teeth or third molars. It gets its name from growing out when the person is 17 – 21 years old, which is when the person would usually have some wisdom. These are found at the very back of the mouth, behind the other two molars. Not everyone gets wisdom teeth, but usually when a person does, they need to be removed.

Q: When should wisdom teeth be removed?

A: Sometimes there is no need of removal of wisdom teeth because they may grow in the correct position and would not cause any problems. However, there are instances when they should be removed:

  • Wisdom teeth may begin to grow in the wrong direction or at a strange angle
  • Wisdom teeth may partly break through the gums, due to a lack of space, that may leave a flap of gum tissue growing over them. The flap of gum tissue can trap food and ultimately cause a gum infection.
  • You may get impacted wisdom teeth, which is when your jaw isn’t large enough to give the wisdom teeth space. They may not be able to break through the gum, or they can begin to push the adjacent molars.
  • Wisdom teeth are the far back molars of the mouth; they can be too difficult to clean.
  • It can cause a cyst to form, which can damage the bone or roots.

Q: What are the symptoms for having wisdom teeth that cause problems?

A: Below are some of the symptoms that you may be experiencing:

  • Feeling pain or stiff in the jaw near the impacted tooth.
  • Feeling pain or discomfort from the wisdom tooth growing at a strange angle, which would rub against your cheek, top or bottom of your mouth, or even your tongue.
  • When the wisdom tooth has partly broken through the gum and has caused swelling to the flap of a gum tissue due to an infection.
  • When the wisdom tooth or teeth are causing crowding of the other teeth.
  • When the wisdom teeth are difficult to clean because of its position, that eventually could cause tooth decay or gum disease.

Q: How would the dentist know if the wisdom teeth need to be removed?

A: The dentist would have to check for any signs of the wisdom teeth breaking through the gum or crowding the other teeth. There are times when the wisdom teeth grow sideways, without breaking through the gum, in which case, x-rays would need to be taken. The dentist would have to perform X-rays to see how the wisdom teeth are growing and would determine whether they need to be removed or not.

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