Important Information Regarding COVID-19

Updated on 08/24/2021

Here at Dr. Bowyer’s office, we have always had a commitment to providing a safe, healthy and sterilized environment for our dental patients. Prior to the novel coronavirus’s outbreak in our state, we already used the latest equipment and technology available to disinfect and sanitize our offices. Since the outbreak, we have stepped up those practices as well as implemented stricter procedures to ensure that both employees and patients can stay healthy.

New COVID-19 Procedures

Below are some of the new guidelines and operating procedures for our office which have been in effect since May 2020:

  1. All patients will fill out a health screening before appointment to determine the health and needs of the patient. (Second page of our Patient Check-In Forms)
  2. Patient’s temperature will be taken once they have arrived in our office, and we will again go through the rigorous screening process/questions with the patient while they are in our chair.
  3. We will no longer make use of our waiting area for incoming patients. Instead, we ask all patients to wait in their car until we are ready to see you.
  4. Unless absolutely necessary, we ask that all patients come to their appointments alone, so as to minimize the amount of contact our staff and patients have with others.
  5. Doors will be propped open so patients do not have to touch door handles as they enter and exit.
  6. Sneeze guards have been placed at front desk.
  7. We are making use of hands-free hand sanitizers and hands-free soap dispensers, which will also be available for patient use.
  8. Dr. Bowyer and his staff will be provided with CDC required masks & gowns to wear during patient care.
  9. We have 9 hepa filters with UV-C lights in them running at all time. One will be located in each operatory, two in waiting room and one at front desk.
  10.  We have a very high powered UV-C handheld light that can disinfect surfaces. We will shine on all surface of operatories to disinfect.
  11.  We are using specialized high speed suction attachments, called Re-Leaf, to minimize or eliminate aerosols generated.
  12.  Electronic sanitizing sprayers are used to disinfect the air in examination rooms in between appointments.
  13.  All of our staff have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

All of these above procedures are in addition to our typical rigorous sanitation efforts.

COVID-19 Sanitation Procedures

These videos demonstrate the use of our sanitizing equipment in each examination room between patient visits:

If you are concerned about coming into our office, or would like to discuss our sanitation procedures in more detail, please contact us at  (360) 253-2640.