3 Outcomes of Avoiding Treatment for Cavities

You probably know that it is never good to delay treatment for a cavity. That said, the reality is that many of us will put off getting our regular dental cleanings where dentists can diagnose a cavity before it becomes a bigger problem. Once a dentist diagnoses you with a cavity, it is likely that they will want to schedule you for a followup appointment for treatment within a short period of time. But some of us, against our better judgement, will put these appointments off either because our schedules are too busy, we are worried about the cost, or simply dislike the idea of getting fillings. But, these delays in treatment can have a big impact on both your dental health and overall health. Below, you can find three reasons to not delay getting treatment for a cavity.


  1. Your Tooth Could Crack or Die

Healthy teeth are unlikely to crack or break. But the same cannot be said of a tooth with a cavity or decay, especially if the cavity has been allowed to progress. This happens when the structure of the tooth has been compromised. Doing something as simple as eating or chewing your food can then cause the tooth to crack. Even worse, if your tooth gets infected, it is possible for the blood supply to the nerve of your tooth to become cut off, and the nerve to die. This will actually cause you to feel initial relief from any pain that the cavity has caused, but your problem is not solved. The cavity will continue to decay your tooth until a dentist is able to treat the problem, which may result in you having your tooth extracted.


  1. You Could Get An Infection

You may have heard of a tooth ache before, but did you know that tooth aches are just another name for a tooth infection? And unfortunately, if you leave a cavity without treatment for too long, that is exactly what you could end up with. If your tooth decays to the point that the pulp of the tooth (that area that houses blood vessels and nerves) becomes infected with bacteria, you will have what is referred to as a tooth infection, or tooth ache. While cavities are not the only cause of infections, they are a common one. If untreated, a tooth infection can cause you to develop flu-like symptoms, and even have the possibility of death. If you think your tooth might be infected, it’s best to give Dr. Bowyer a call right away.


  1. Treatment Could Get More Expensive

Unexpected dental costs are never fun. But if you delay getting treatment for a dental condition, the results could be even worse for your pocket book. If Dr. Bowyer finds a cavity in your tooth in an early stage, treatment options may range from a fluoride treatment to a filling. But as the cavity progresses and the decay gets worse, more expensive and intensive treatments may become your only options – ranging from a root canal to a tooth extraction and implant. These more intensive treatments also come with a larger price tag. So if you want to save money on your dental health, it’s significantly more cost effective to get your teeth cleanings done regularly and quickly schedule early interventions for any cavities that are found.