Maddon with dog treat sale proceeds

5-Year-Old Maddon Is Saving Vancouver Dog Parks, One Treat At A Time!

And now for something completely different! In this week’s blog, we want to share an inspiring story about a five-year old boy, Maddon Maynard and his dog Hunter! “He’s kinda like my brother, but he’s a dog,” said Maddon. We know that many of our clients are also dog owners, so we thought you would enjoy hearing this personal story about a very special young boy and what he decided to do to help more dog parks stay open in our community.

You may have already heard about his passion for helping to save and support dog parks in Vancouver, his story was recently featured on KPTV. Watch the video here:

Maddon’s mom, Colbie works here at our office. She helps him but she is very clear that this was all his own idea. “He was so upset at the thought of the dog parks closing and Hunter not having a place go and play, and he came up with the doggie treat idea and we decided to go for it!” To date Maddon has raised over $1000, but more is very much needed.
She has supported her son and helped him realize his dream to raise funds to help keep more dog parks in Vancouver open and ready for doggie play dates! “We have people who are donating without even buying any treats so it’s been pretty rewarding,” said Colbie
Maddon and Colbie have created dog treats that are completely natural without any preservatives. You can comfortably buy them in bulk and freeze them if your dog doesn’t eat that many treats (but secretly wants more, right!?) Compare them to something you would buy fresh from a bakery and just take a few out of the freezer at a time.


How To Purchase Maddon’s Dog Treats

• Please email all orders to – Remember that these home made fresh dog treats are completely natural, and have no added preservatives!
• Please visit the Maddon’s Dog Treats Facebook page and “LIKE” him!

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How You Can Help Save Vancouver Dog Parks

• None of the off-leash parks in the county are publicly managed.
• Between 5,000 and 7,000 people daily patronize the five parks operated by DOGPAW, or the Dog Owners Group for Park Access in Washington.
• Today, DOGPAW has 700 paying members of the private nonprofit they would need about 4,000 paying members to break even. A membership costs $25 per year.
• Become a member, volunteer or donate here:
• Please join the concerned community members at DOGPAW Off-Leash Parks