Dental Implants Candidate?

Am I a Dental Implants Candidate?

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Am I a dental implants candidate if I’m using dentures or partials?

About 1% of the people are not candidates for dental implants. These few people would maybe have to do some bone grafting before they can get the dental implants. However, most of the time, people using dentures or partials still have plenty of bone to be able to go through the procedure. To be sure, the implant dentist would have to do a CT scan, which takes 3D images of the mouth, showing the width, height, and depth of the bone. This lets the implant dentist know pre-surgically if the patient is a candidate. If you are wearing dentures/partials, make sure you come in for a 3D scan sooner than later. The cons of wearing dentures is that there are no tooth roots or dental implants that keep the bone from melting away. After many years of not having teeth or dental implants, the bone would diminish so much that the dentures would no longer have enough bone to hold on to. Dental implants help stimulate bone growth because the body recognizes it as a tooth, which is called osseointegration. Therefore, the longer you wait for the procedure to get done, the less bone the implant dentist would have to work with, which would mean you would need extensive bone grafting which increases the overall cost for the procedure. The sooner you come in for the procedure, the better chance you get of being a candidate for dental implants and having it done right away.

Am I a dental implants candidate if I am diabetic?

Many patients are diabetic and it is one of the main reasons why they have lost their teeth. A number of tests need to be run on the patient to determine the A1C level, the blood sugar levels, and so on. Once this is under control, the patient becomes an excellent candidate for the procedure. It is very rare to find someone who is not a candidate for the dental implant procedure. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to have exams and a 3D/CT scan done so they can determine the quality and quantity of your bone and offer you the different options you have.

Am I a dental implants candidate if I have gum disease?

Almost always the answer is yes. The issue is not much if the patient has gum disease, most patients have gum disease to the point that even taking a mold of the teeth is risky, the problem is if the patient gets gum disease again. The patients that are more at risk are those who get the disease no matter how much they clean their teeth. However, the disease is corrected once the teeth are extracted. Therefore, if you’re having a full set of new teeth on the upper and lower, the dental implant surgery can certainly be successfully done. Also, when the dental implants are placed, the teeth aren’t placed as close together as the natural teeth tend to be, making it easier for brushing and flossing, and therefore preventing from getting gum disease again.

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