How to Pay for Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

The practice of cosmetic dentistry covers all procedures intended to improve the appearance of the patient’s teeth, bite or gums. While often cosmetic procedures are purely meant improve the appearance of your smile, there are some cosmetic procedures that have additional functional benefits, such as crowns, dental implants or Invisalign braces. Regardless of the procedure’s effect on your dental health, cosmetic dental procedures have been shown to improve patient’s confidence and potentially improve quality of life. For many patients, these benefits have to be carefully weighed against the cost of the procedure.

How Much Do Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Cost?

Cosmetic Dentistry procedures range is cost significantly, depending on what work you want to get done and how dramatic of a change they will be. Prices may range from around $500 for a simple procedure to a few thousand for something more intensive. Typically, teeth whitening is considered the most affordable of cosmetic dental procedures. Dr. Bowyer offers Zoom Teeth Whitening, an advanced whitening treatment that allows patients to see results after only 1hr in the office. More intensive procedures, requiring more time in the office & follow-up visits, will be more expensive. Give us a call at (360) 253-2640 and schedule a free consultation to get pricing for the procedures you need to get your desired results.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?

While cosmetic dentistry procedures can improve the overall health of your teeth, it is often hard to get dental insurance to pay for these procedures when elective. Some cosmetic procedures may be covered up to 50% by your dental insurance, but only in cases where there is an established dental benefit.

With this in mind, it is likely easy to understand that teeth whitening won’t be covered by your insurance. Teeth whitening may improve your appearance and confidence, but it is unlikely to be seen as necessary by your insurance provider. However, if you are seeking dental implants, crowns or veneers to remedy an issue with your teeth, it is possible that your insurance will agree to help cover the procedure. To understand what your options are for cosmetic procedures, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Bowyer. However, always talk to your insurer prior to receiving treatment if you will be relying on them to cover the cost of the procedure.

How Can I Pay for Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?

Dr. Bowyer is always willing to work with you to align your dental care needs with your budget. Talk to Dr. Bowyer about the concerns you have with your smile’s appearance, the budget you have available and he can help determine what treatment is right for you.

Dr. Bowyer offers a 5% discount for seniors (age 60+) as well as active duty military service members if you pay in full at the time of your service. If you need help financing your dental procedure, outside financing is offered through both Credit Care & Lending Club.