6 Signs You Need To See the Dentist

6 Signs You Need to See the Dentist

This year has brought many new challenges, including decisions about how to balance our dental health with the new risks of COVID-19. One of the things that we’ve heard many patients ponder is when they should seek dental treatment and care vs when they should simply step up their dental hygiene routine at home. Dental health is key to our overall health, and it is still important in these times to maintain a regular dental cleaning schedule.

If you’ve put off seeing a dentist in the past few months, or have neglected your regular dental hygiene routine, consider if you have any of the below symptoms, which could be strong signals that it is time to put on your face mask and make an appointment with Dr. Bowyer.

1. Bad Breath

Bad breath, otherwise known as halitosis, is not only embarrassing, it is actually a key signal that your mouth needs some care. While having bad breath after eating a meal rich in garlic and onions may not be anything to fret about, ongoing bad breath is a different story. If you find yourself suffering from halitosis on a regular basis, you may have gum disease which should be addressed with your dentist.

2. Temperature Sensitivity

Do you avoid ice cream, popsicles or hot coffee cause of temperature sensitivity in your teeth? You don’t have to avoid these foods forever. Temperature sensitivity can be a sign of receding gums, cracked teeth or a loose filling – all of which may become worse without a trip to the dentist. Instead of just avoiding hot or cold foods, give Dr. Bowyer a call and he can diagnose the root of the problem.

3. Bleeding Gums after Brushing

Healthy gums should not bleed during regular brushing and flossing activities. If you are seeing blood in your spit after brushing your teeth or you are regularly noticing blood on your tooth brush, this is a sign that your gums are not healthy. Regularly scheduled cleanings often take care of the gunk that builds up on our teeth and gums, ensuring that minor infections don’t turn into long-lasting gum disease. But if you’ve been avoiding these cleanings, your gums may be starting to show the signs. Don’t let this symptom go unnoticed.

4. Loose Teeth, Fillings or Crowns

If you’ve had fillings or crowns installed in the past, you may be surprised to learn that these are not permanent solutions for protecting your teeth. In fact, these fillings and crowns need do need to be replaced on occasion, especially when they are loose or have come out. Along those same lines, if you have teeth loose in your mouth, this also needs to be urgently addressed. Whether the cause of the loose tooth is gingivitis or a traumatic accident causing your tooth to be knocked loose, Dr. Bowyer can help put together a treatment plan.

5. Reoccurring Sores

Canker sores and cold sores are a normal occurrence that should not be the cause for alarm. In fact, both of these can be caused by eating different foods, hormones or stress. However, if you are getting sores in your mouth on a regular, reoccurring basis or have sores that won’t heal, it’s time to get some help. These could be signs of larger issues. Schedule some time with Dr. Bowyer, and he can help devise a treatment plan so you don’t have to live with painful sores.


Whether you have a toothache, headache or jaw pain – pain caused by dental problems should not be something you have to survive with. There are many dental conditions, such as grinding your teeth at night, that could have simple solutions to resolve the pain you feel. If you are feeling any pain related to your mouth, that is a sign that it is time to talk to Dr. Bowyer and put together a treatment plan.