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i-Cat Dental Imaging

Dr. Bowyer is one of the only dentists in the Vancouver, WA area that offers advanced dental imaging using the i-Cat system. With this advanced dental diagnosis technology, Dr. Bowyer can identify dental issues before you even open your mouth. The i-CAT provides quick and insightful dental imaging for the most accurate dental diagnosis, such as:

  • Panoramic radiographs.
  • Full 3D images of teeth and the jaw.
  • Airway and sinus assessment.
  • Crowns, roots, developing teeth, impactions, dental implants, and alveolar bone.
  • Wisdom teeth extractions.

For patients, the i-CAT 3D Dental Imaging System translates into several significant advantages:

  • Higher standard of care.
  • More accurate treatment planning.
  • Avoiding the cost and discomfort of exploratory surgery.
  • Less radiation than traditional hospital CT scanners.
  • Avoid costs of impression molds.
  • A more complete diagnosis for better dental health.

Dr. Bowyer’s office in pleased to offer this new level of technology for the best in dental care for Vancouver patients. If you are interested in trying out i-Cat imaging, call our office at (360) 253-2640 or use the form to schedule your free consultation.

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